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Video lottery

Line games, card games and Keno, all offered on video lottery terminals (VLTs)!

Several video lottery games also offer bonus pot and bonus rounds.

Bonus pot

In some games, you accumulate credits when you obtain specific combinations. A minimum wager is required to take part in the pot, which increases with the number of credits wagered when you obtain a specific combination. In an eight-line game, for instance, you must wager eight credits (one credit per line). Two "triple bars" or more increase the pot, and nine "fruits" win it.

Bonus rounds

A bonus round is activated when a specific combination during a set number of games. Depending on the game, a bonus round is activated when you obtain a specific combination offering or free games.

Always remember that the outcome of video lottery games is based solely on chance, even when the game allows you to make choices. To learn more about video lottery, visit the web site.

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