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Line games

In line games, you attempt to obtain several identical symbols or certain specific combinations along the same line or on the same screen, depending on the game you play.

  • You wager the desired number of credits on one or more lines.
  • These lines can be horizontal, vertical or in a "V" formation, depending on the rules of the particular line game.
  • Your winnings are calculated based on the number of winning lines and symbols obtained. Several line games also offer fever mode play, bonus pot, bonuses and bonus rounds.

Here are the line games you can find in the gaming halls:

  • Ring’em up
  • Bullfroggin’9 line
  • Swinging bells
  • Triple it!
  • Treasure Chests
  • Big game bonus hunter
  • Frost & fire
  • Royal spins
  • Queen of Egypt
  • Egyptian quest
  • Superstition
  • Pass the buck
  • 8 lignes
  • Golf-o-mania
  • Hockey plus
  • Les 7 en feu
  • Les 7 frimés
  • Trésors mayas 5 lignes
  • Trésors mayas 9 lignes
  • Nouvelle-Orléans
  • Magie de l'Orient
  • Méduse II
  • Faune Frimée
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