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Good to know

Planning on visiting the gaming hall? There’s plenty of fun to be had, just keep in mind the following things:

Admittance to the gaming hall is restricted to individuals aged 18 and over. You may be required to show a form of photo I.D. to prove your age.

The gaming hall is all about having fun, and a few rules have been put in place to guarantee the best experience possible for all our customers.

  • This establishment offers a smoke-free environment.
  • Photos or video recordings may be taken, but must respect the privacy of other customers.
  • No photos, videos or audio recordings of another person may be taken without his or her consent. Intrusive or abusive use is formally prohibited.
  • Unless indicated otherwise, cell phones or smartphones may not be used at gaming tables. Customers must step away from the gaming table to engage in a telephone conversation or to use their smartphone.
  • Customers must be appropriately dressed. Any clothing depicting violence or associated with any recognized violent group is prohibited.

Also, only handbags and coats carried on the arm are permitted inside the gaming hall. However both items may be left at the coat check, free of cost. Coat racks and lockers are also available.

Free parking. Recreational vehicles may park for free for up to 48 consecutive hours (except during the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières). A shuttle service will bring you right to the main entrance. Wheelchair accessible.

Free WiFi.

We reserve the right to deny access to or expel anyone exhibiting disruptive behaviour.

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